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Education & Coaching Membership

The Ultimate Sales Building


Is the Spark Your Business Education & Coaching Membership For You?

If you know your business could and should be generating more revenue, then it’s for you.

If you need a fresh pair of eyes to strategically evaluate your current beautee business, then it’s for you.

If you are success driven and looking for ways to make your business even better, then it’s for you.

If you feel stuck in a rut and need ongoing coaching and inspiration to help you get to the next level in your beautee business, then it’s for you.

If you are looking for industry-specific and strategic education and coaching to help you improve service and retail sales, then it’s for you.

If you are willing to invest the average selling price of one monthly facial or massage to better your business then it’s for you.

If you are so over losing sales to your competitors, then it’s for you.

If you are tired of your team not selling, then it’s for you.

The Ultimate Sales Building Education & Coaching Membership For Beautee Businesses

Are you ready to spark your sales over the next 12 weeks?

Working with beauty businesses around the globe, Carol has an inside track on what it takes to run a successful (and might we say profitable) beauty business. In today’s economy, you must have a strategic, sharp consistent sales plan in place to launch, grow and fire up your spa and salon sales.  Carol’s Spark Sales Plan will make your cash register ring.

What’s Included When You Join The Spark Your Sales Educational & Coaching Membership!

Over the next 6 months, you will boost your sales, your marketing and reignite your passion for your beautee business through Carol’s private online training and group coaching program.

Starting in June, you will have access to

  • Proven lessons to drive service and retail sales. A new video lesson every other week.
  • Member Only Live Facebook Sessions
  • Access to Members Only Spark Community. No need to go it alone. You will have lots of support encouraging you to achieve your business growth.
  • Live Q & A Sessions
  • Private “office hours” for members only for live chats.
  • Monthly strategic action plans to fire up sales.
  • Weekly inspiration tools to keep you on track and firing up your sales.

Spark My Business Education & Coaching Membership Modules

If you’re going to improve your sales, you will need to take a look at what’s on your shelves. 

This module will give you a whole new way to “read” your retail area. What makes some products fly off the shelf and others collect dust?


  • What brands and how many need to be on the shelf and how to guarantee retail sales.
  • What’s hot and (whats not) to have on your shelves.
  • Learn to use Hot Spot Sales Philosophy in 9 key areas of your beautee business.
  • Display vs merchandising tips and technique
  • 3 Ways shoppers “read” your retail area.
  • 2 Key focal areas when fixing sales
  • 6 Retail Hurdles and how to scale them beautifully
  • Real world display dos and don’ts
  • 9 Display Themes to help you tell and sell your story.

By the end of this module, you will have a crash course in professional buying and merchandising. 

If the people you select to be on your team are not successful, you cannot be successful. 

This module takes a look at your business from the “top- down”.  While you may wear many hats, in this lesson you will learn how your leadership style directly affects your bottom line.


  • Keys to growing your talent.
  • How to get everybody rowing in the same direction.
  • 7  Different beauty business leadership styles. Which one will you be?
  • When to hire and when to fire.
  • How to create a sales culture club.
  • Grow your sales by 20% or more when you learn to lead the 20/60/20 model.
  • Communication traits that can make or break your business.
  • 10 Common management mistakes and how to avoid them
  • 5 Key reasons your staff does not sell and how to fix it.

By the end of this module, you will have a very clear understanding of your leadership style and how that directly affects sales. 

If you’re going to make the cash register ring, you will need to create ongoing shopper excitement. 

This module covers tons of ways to get shoppers excited about your business, your services, and your product.


  • Who do you need to market to?
  • 3 focus areas with your promotions
  • How to divide your marketing budget
  • Budgeting for new business start-up, growth, or market share
  • Telling and selling your message inside your 4 walls and outside your 4 walls
  • 7 Specials that sell
  • 8 Low cost or no cost promotions
  • How to do a successful new product/service introduction
  • How to avoid 6 common promotion pitfalls
  • How to add some zing so you hear the cash register ring.
  • Hot marketing strategies.

By the end of this module, you will have a systematic roadmap to launching your sales, promotions, and special events.  

If you’re going to see more sales, you will need to do an in-depth study on how to tell and sell your brand’s pricing model. 

This module takes a look at today’s consumers in brick and mortar stores a well as online. You will learn how today’s savvy shopper makes their buying decisions.


  • How people buy and why
  • The face of today’s LUXX customer
  • Who controls the buying
  • The new shopper and how to get them to spend in your business
  • Find out how shoppers are making buying decisions in today’s economy.
  • Carol will turn your beauty business up-side-down.
  • Pricing strategies and why most businesses fail miserably at telling and selling their pricing strategy.
  • 7 Different pricing strategies
  • Selling to today’s’ savvy female shopper
  • How to deal with the elephant in the room, online retailers.

By the end of this module, you will have a clear mission of your pricing strategy and how that translates to getting shoppers comfortable spending more money with your business. 

If you’re going to see more sales, you will need to review your branding and packaging message. 

This module takes a look at how you can create a top of mind brand in your local marketplace.


  • What is the power of your brand?
  • How are you telling, wrapping and packaging your brand so you are top of mind when it comes to making a beauty service & product buying decision.
  • How to steal lessons from top 10 most loved brands
  • Lessons learned from Starbucks and how that applies to your beautee business
  • One thing you must define before spending any money on logos, website, menus or paid ads.
  • 6 Unique branding magic bullets
  • 2 Ways shoppers decide to buy your brand
  • Will your brand pass the litmus test?

By the end of this module, you and your team will have a clearly defined branding message.  If you have competition in your marketplace, this lesson is critical to helping you lead the pack. 

If you’re going to make this work, you must learn to work smarter and not harder. 

This module gives you the tools to plug the holes, shore up the sales and cast your net for new clients.


  • How to get customers in, coming back and sending their friends and family to you.
  • Learn to maximize your geo pull.
  • Top 10 client profiles
  • Target your 6 Key Performance Indicators.
  • Learn how to grow your sales by 30% with one skill
  • Benchmarks that have you seeing green
  • Retail by the numbers
  • Retention by the numbers
  • Learn how to stop the leak of client attrition. One tip accounts for 68% of all lost guests.
  • re (pre) booking by the numbers
  • Referrals Rock
  • Creating your WOW

By the end of this module, you will have a game plan on how to consistently grow your sales by retaining current clients, getting new clients in the door. You will have the tools for your team on how to grow their service sales 20% or more without adding any clients. New clients will be a bonus!

Monthly Training

The tools keep coming. Every week you’ll get additional video training or PDF tools with real examples and watch-outs to help you take your learning deeper and maximize your opportunity for success.  AND you can also access past training and tools in the archived.


2x monthly Group Coaching Sessions to help you get past what’s stopping you from taking action. Get on the Hot Seat yourself, or learn from your peers.  Join the live calls or access the full archive of past group calls, organized by topic. An invaluable resource.

Community + Q&A

You’ll never be alone! Get access to a private FB Community of like-minded beautee pros all going through the same thing.  Get your questions answered by the community, by me, or on our live Q&A calls (also archived) or Office Hours.

Results & Reviews From Spark Live and Webinar Attendees

Before offering this online coaching &  training program a few very lucky spa and salon professionals had the opportunity to attend one of Carol Phillips live Spark Seminars or Private Webinars. Here’s what a few had to say about their experience.

We all LOVED the SPARK training…marketing is always what I need.  The seminar inspired us all!  You should have seen the motivation by the staff the very next day.  They were doing the FAB for all the products…without being asked to participate!  I added one of the monthly promotion ideas we learned to EVERY client who walked through the door with the call to action to purchase today (most being massage clients) and a sample of the featured product of the month (which is age collection).  Guess what happened, our daily retail units sold increased by 30%!!  We are on our way!!

Dear Carol and Lisbeth,
 Thank you so much for your insightful, inspiring SPARK presentation on Monday. Your seminar sparked my motivational drive to plan a better business model for my future private business!!!!!:)
Lisbeth, thank you so much for giving me the best advice to register Carol’s class. especially when I had doubts about If I should just wait to do this only if I had my private business. You are right! It inspired me to be a better employee and it gave me so many TIPS for my future private practice!!!  keep on inspiring !!!

I worked with a spa consultant for 6 months before opening.  I learned more in one day with Carol Phillips than the whole 6 months with the consultant.

I could barely write down all the ideas that were popping into my head while listening to Carol.  I even texted my manager on duty to institute a few while is was sitting in the class. I did not want to even wait till I returned to the spa. I wanted the immediate action.

I really needed a way to get my life back.  My business has been going through so many ups and downs, I was simply burnt out.  Carol gave me a whole new way to look at my business and remind me why I love esthetics.

There were so many amazing ideas. I want and need 2 full days with Carol to fire up my business.

One destination resort in Florida increased its retail sales over $200,000 when they put their entire team through Carol’s retail classes.

One Merle Norman Studio owner increased her sales over 23% after taking Carol’s SPARK 6 week online webinar series.

One spa owner has been to Carol’s classes over the past 2 years. By implementing what she heard at the show, Amanda and her team have been able to rescue their retail sales. They increased sales from $125,000 to over $500,000 in 24 months with only 7 employees.

We have worked exclusively with Carol for the past two years. We achieved double-digit growth for our resort spa. Through her on -location and online sales training programs one of our estheticians did over $70,000 in skincare sales alone. My spa was the only one out of 26 in our group that not only met the corporate goal we exceeded it.

Only 15 VIP ESI Speical Pricing Spots Available

I’m offering you this unbelievable price because you’ve been a loyal supporter and follower. Once this opportunity is gone, it’s gone forever.  The price will be drastically more expensive for the next launch if it is even offered.

Take advantage of this offer, start boosting sales plus you’ll get all the bonus bells and whistles. 

If You’ve Read This Far, You Owe This To Yourself

If you’ve read this far it means you know that you believe this program can help you.  So ask yourself this…

What if  just one idea in the Spark Your Business program reduced your leadership stress?

What if just one strategy in Spark Your Business help you achieve something big that you thought was impossible?

What if just one new technique during Spark Your Business could increase your sales by 10%, 20% or more?  What would that do to your overall success?

What if you had a strategic roadmap for 6 months that reveals proven ways to drive service and retail sales?

What if you had access to the #1 spa and salon sales coach for 6 months?  How would feel knowing you had an expert in your corner helping you succeed for 6 months?

What would these changes be worth to you over the course of your business over the next 6 months? and beyond? And your investment is only $4 a day… the price of admission for less than a cup of coffee.

ESI Show Special Spark One Time Price

ESI SPECIAL $1295 Single payment

$215 a month… that’s the average selling price of a facial and moisturizer

$7200 value of training plus bonus offers

  • LIVE Q&A AND OFFICE HOURS (Value $1200)

ESI Show Special Spark 3 Payment Package

$492 for 3 payments

$215 a month… that’s the average selling price of a facial and moisturizer

$7200 value of training plus bonus offers

  • LIVE Q&A AND OFFICE HOURS (Value $1200)

If you are 1 of the first 15 to enroll you will access $1000 in additional bonuses.

  1. For this enrollment, only Carol will be offering a Summer Sales Plan and Lesson.  This will be available for members. $500 value
  2. Photo or Video review of your retail displays and merchandising area. $500 value


Countdown Clock Below…  Registration for ESI VIP Group Closes End Of Show