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With 30+ years on all sides of the beautee aisle, Carol Phillips Founder of BeauteeSmarts has a unique perspective that gets results for her clients. From spa and salon, medspa, resort and product vendors Carol offers outstanding sales solutions. The bottom line is you have something to sell… Carol Phillips will help you sell more of it.  Connect with us today at 760.678.0022 to see better sales tomorrow.


As BeauteeSmarts Keynote Speaker, Carol Phillips brings her fast-paced and energetic style to any size seminar event. Whether your group is as small as 10 or as large as 2,500, Carol will educate, motivate and entertain with class and style. Carol Phillips has been the featured keynote speaker at almost every beauty event in the United States and Canada. Carol continually packs the room with beautee professionals who are looking for practical, yet fun ways to make their sales soar.

Online Education

The world is now at your fingertips and it’s time to take your training to a new level. The BeauteeSmarts Online Learning Lounge features VIDEO streaming classes, not just a voice over a super-boring static PowerPoint image. Carol’s goal is an intimate one-on-one training session with staff tracking, accountability, and management reporting built right in. Classes for solopreneurs and teams of any size.

Carol Phillips sole (or soul) focus is to help turbo-charge your sales.

Carol Phillips works every link in the beautee biz pipeline … all with a unique insight in how to maximize sales. If you need help boosting sales and training your team then talk with BeauteeSmarts.

About Us

For over 30 years Carol Phillips has inspired clients all over the globe to (re)focus by working SMARTER, using her strategic strategies to build traffic, ignite sales, and customer loyalty, especially in today’s challenging business climate.

BeauteeSmarts offers salon consulting, beauty vendor consulting,  spa consulting,  and training programs for every link in the beauty business chain all with a laser focus on how to improve sales.

  • Ignite Your Brand

    Whether you are in the planning stages of a new business or seeking to (re)launch, grow or your strengthen your core beauty business, BeauteeSmarts programs encompass the sales flow channels to boost sales and your bottom line.

  • Firing Up The Team

    There comes a time in the life of an owner when the team needs to be fired up. The staff may simply be tired of hearing your voice and need some new blood to get the juices flowing again.

  • Walks The Talk

    Lots of people know how to ‘talk” but not everyone knows how to educate or can get you results. With over 3o years in beauty and wellness.  Clients have reported boosting sales 20-50% after putting her tips and techniques to work for them.

Online Education

The new BeauteeSmarts Online Learning Lounge  (OLLY) brings the world of business education to your computer or on-the-go mobile device. Curl up with your favorite fuzzy slippers a mocha latte and plug into a whole new way to learn.

“I have had the pleasure of going on location to train at many world-class spas and salons. These beauty businesses experience amazing results (many reported increases of over $100,000 per month), but then it takes months, even years pass before followup classes are scheduled.  In the meantime sales gradually fall flat. As a way to continually improve sales, beauty businesses need a way to access on-going education in a systematic plan,” says Carol Phillips.

What others say about Carol Phillips & BEAUTEEESMARTS

Danielle Kooken Wachowski,

As the owner of a Medi-Spa consultancy providing clinical skin care education and business advice, I owe my success to what I have learned from Carol Phillips. In 2001 I attended IPSA and a marketing talk by Carol. I remember taking furious notes to capture every word she spoke. At this point, I had ten years of working internationally for retail moguls, and at this point was entering into professional skincare. After Carol’s presentation, I purchased her books and owed my success to what Carol has shared. I know this, we are in the retail business of skin care, and if we do not hone our skills at the spa level, technology will quickly take our retail profit margins away from us, which we all know is a major part of our bottom line. Carol Phillips very succinctly describes so many key factors of success, especially for the skin care professional, which is my primary focus. I can recommend Carol Phillips as the most proficient and enjoyable Spa Guru to work with to achieve your business goals. It is a pleasure and privilege to have Carol in my Professional Network.”

Danielle Kooken Wachowski,Spa Consultant and Clinical Skin EducatorEnlightenedskincare
Lauren Snow

Carol Phillips has built a solid reputation as the Retail Diva for her expert knowledge and understanding of what drives consumers to purchase. In working with Carol, she gave me the confidence and skills to become a top performer in retail sales. From the color of lipstick you wear, to the way you hand someone a product, Carol offers practical tips and fact-based information that allows you to understand retail as a science.

I would recommend Carol and BeauteeSmarts to anyone who is in need of boosting their bottom line and getting their retail sales back on track. She will help you take the fear out of selling and show you how fast you can increase your income by making simply changes. Carol’s no-nonsense, vibrant personality, industry knowledge and experience, and her desire to help people succeed gives her the ability to not only help you get a quick turnaround in your sales, but the investment will continue for many years to come.

Lauren SnowASCP Skin Care
Robert Maconi

I have worked with Carol for over 16 years and there is no one I trust more. She understands all aspects of the beauty industry and how it relates to your business. She’s helped thousands of salon and spa owners grow their business, empower their teams and fulfill their vision. She is smart, really smart and she has been educating Millennium clients for over a decade and they love her because she helps improve their service & retail sales.

Robert MaconiPresident of Enterprise Sales at Millennium Systems International Harms Software
Amanda Hentges

“After seeing Carol’s seminars and working with her book, CD’s, and DVD’s, my staff (7) and I doubled our sales from $125,000 to $250,000 in just 1 year. We added a media center where the staff is required to have 1 hour weekly on education watching Carol’s dvds. The following year we doubled sales again to $500,000. Carol showed us that instead of going for the one large blanket sale, we just find a couple of additional items to suggest. It’s the day to day, having the small goals that get you there. By offering customers kits, promotional and seasonal items, as well as keeping the displays fresh and changing all helps the retail. I can’t wait till next year!”

Click here to see Amanda’s video. 

Amanda HentgesMerle Norman Cosmetic Studio & Spa OwnerMerle Norman