Consulting – Beautee Product Vendors

Are You Ready To Turbo Charge Your Beautee Brands Sales?

Every customized and strategic beautee brand consultation package is designed for driving your sales.

If you’re a beautee brand looking to create or launch into the salon and spa market… we can take you from product concept to making the cash register ring. We know the spa and salon market. With over 30 years in the beauty biz, we know how to get your bottles and jars off the shelf and into the shopper’s hands. In fact, our President, Carol Phillips, wrote the book on salon retailing, In the Bag- Selling in the Salon. The salon and spa market can be a very viable method of distribution … if you know the inner workings of the “beautee biz mindset.”

If you are ready to turbo-charge your beautee brand call, Carol Phillips, today. 760.678.0022

Online Vendor Education

Be at the forefront of beautee business education when you partner with Carol Phillips BeauteeSmarts Online Training Platform. Carol and her team can write, produce, film and create your entire online training curriculum.  “We can’t keep doing business education the same old way if vendors want to be the leader in sales, Carol Phillips.”  The old, tired training model is broken and must be fixed in order for Vendors to be able to sell and sell thru their goods.

Show and Sell

The old days of simply “build it and they will come” are long gone. If you have a better mousetrap and need people to buy your products, we can help. We have a very exclusive and extensive list of salons and spas throughout the US and Canada. All of our of salon and spa contacts are retail driven. So if your company is looking for ways to get your name out there, we can help.

  • Create a corporate identity package – from logos to letterhead
  • Website creation with targeted E-Commerce Marketing program
  • New-media advertising plan
  • Design internal and external promotional and marketing calendar
  • Design internal and external marketing materials that will help sell product line
  • Create a Trade or Consumer Press Program
  • Write and produce newsletters
  • Design advertising campaign for trades
  • Design a trade show campaign
  • Develop an in-salon spa commercial DVD

B2B Vendor Education and Consulting. For any beautee brand to be successful today lies in the quality of the training and education.

B2B Education

  • Retail training for all staff
  • Customer service training
  • Display merchandising training/consulting
  • Hands-on service training for all skin care, nail, body procedures
  • Design custom video and audio training programs
  • Vendor Sales Consultant training
  • Field Educators/ Train the trainers

Design Sales Rep Training Programs

  • Train the Trainers
  • How to read a lead
  • Trade show selling
  • Design product knowledge class
  • Carol Phillips and team would teach regional sales rep classes
  • Produce a sales rep training curriculum
  • Design and present CSR training program

Trade & Event Show Selling

Tradeshows and Events can take a huge bite out of your promo budget. Are you doing all you can to maximize your ROI? Trade shows need their own Pre-During-Post show plan of attack. Or you could be throwing away $10,000 per 10-foot booth – per event!

BeauteeSmarts can execute:

  • Trade show calendars and budgets
  • Show cross-promotions strategies
  • Pre-Show Staff Sales Training
  • VIP events at trade show

Ways BeauteeSmarts can maximize your trade show exposure:

  • Show programs, Advertising, Banners
  • Media blitz
  • Classroom opportunities
  • Pre/Post show follow-up plan

VIP Sales Programs

How do you love your clients after the sale?  Most companies pull out all the stops to get the salon/spa to buy but drop the ball afterward. What does your company do after you get the order? Show them the love…

  • Design VIP Spa/Salon Client Program
  • Carol Phillips and team can provide onsite training for VIP clients
  • Custom promotion and marketing plan.
  • Create internal and external promo plan to drive service and retail sales.
  • Special event planning for VIP accounts.