BEAUTEESMARTS for Beauty Schools

Plug the new BeauteeSmarts sales and marketing program into your current school curriculum. Designed by leading salon and spa educator, Carol Phillips gives your teachers and students real world 101 sales and marketing techniques.

Carol Phillips shares the philosophy that providing students with real-world training in sales, marketing, and general business-building skills is critical for a successful career at a luxury salon or spa. BeauteeSmarts for Beauty Schools program is the first targeted sales and marketing program created purposefully for esthetic and beauty schools written by an industry sales expert.

Now, more than ever, beauty school students need to be confident and competent in the entire sales process.

Adding this program to your school curriculum guarantees that your graduates will not only be totally prepared with advanced technical skills, they will also be prepared to walk into any salon or spa with the ability to drive service and retail sales. Spa directors and salon owners will confidently hire your graduates knowing that they have already learned how to comfortably sell and build a clientele.

The Carol Phillips BeauteeSmarts for Beauty Schools curriculum takes students through 17 one-hour lessons targeted to Freshmen, Junior, and Seniors. Units include Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Retail, and Training4Success.The program teaches students how to market and brand themselves, learn the business of beauty, train in all aspects of spa and salon selling, hiring, interviewing process, career paths and time/finance management. The optional program gives students receive a personalized marketing tool kit which includes business cards, social note cards, referral cards, three bounce back promo cards.

Finally! A way to prepare beauty school students for the real world. Your job is to make every student technically secure and employable. This course will give students the SMART skills they need to succeed. Call 760.678.0022 today to see how this revolutionary program can enhance your school’s current curriculum.

Freshmen Classes

  1. The business of beauty
  2. What’s your job | What’s your Title
  3. Marketing | Personal packaging, Image is everything
  4. Selling Skills | Communication and social graces
  5. Marketing | Building your book, Tool Kit w/ Social Media

Junior Classes

  1. Marketing | A brand called you
  2. Selling Skills | Personality Selling
  3. Selling Skills | For the nonsalesperson
  4. Selling Skills | Product & Treatments
  5. Selling Skills | Sales Map (step by step selling process) Part 1
  6. Selling Skills | Sales Map (step by step selling process) Part 2

Senior Classes

  1. Rev up your sales | Retail, Retention, Rebooking, Referrals
  2. Real World 101 How to get hired | How to get fired
  3. Real World 101 Interviewing – get it right and get your dream job
  4. Real World 101 Dollars and Sense, employee compensation
  5. Total Beauty Pro | Time Management, Success Training, Attitude

Teacher Guide

  • Teachers online video lesson plan (per class)
  • Facilitating tips
  • Class objectives
  • Group exercises and role play suggestions
  • What students can expect to get out of each class
  • Special room set up if needed
  • Select AV requirements if needed
  • Unique tips on driving sales in the school
  • Action Plan for Students, i.e., calendar of tips, ideas to try, putting it to work in the school