• Its Time To Get SMART

    Stop waiting around for your sales to improve. Take control of your business with the help of BEAUTEESMARTS Sales.Marketing.Advertising.Retail.Training4Success

    BeauteeSmarts is the creation of founder and director Carol Phillips, a nationally-known speaker, trainer, industry consultant and successful former spa owner. BeauteeSmarts was designed to serve the needs of businesses involved in the personal care, medical and beauty industry with full service marketing, advertising, branding, spa development, training and sales improvement programs designed for each business channel. BeauteeSmarts is based in Carlsbad, California, where spa living comes to life.

    For over 25 years Carol has inspired clients all over the globe to (re)focus by Working SMARTER, using her inside track to build traffic, sales, and customer loyalty, especially in today’s challenging business climate. BeauteeSmarts offers consulting and training programs for every link in the beauty business chain all with an eye on how to improve sales.

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