Resort & Hotel Spa Consulting

Quite often the resort spa is treated like the redheaded stepchild. With the major demands on spa leadership, there is never enough time or energy to effectively train the spa team: from the front of the house to the therapists. Most resort spas underperform in retail. In the spas Carol Phillips has consulted for in the past, most are leaving on average $20-50 per guest per service on the table.  There have hidden sales opportunities at every resort spa Carol has worked with.

Here is a partial list of services we provide to make your resort spa a success.

  • Custom Service/Sales Training
  • 250 Point Mystery Shopper Service – Uncover hidden and lost sales opportunities throughout your entire sales process.
  •  Retail Sales Makeovers, Displays, Lighting, Signage and Customer SalesFlows
  • Sales Operations Reviews, Reporting, and Support Systems
  • Motivational, Rewards and Retention Programs
  • Boutique and Brand Recommendations