Beautee and Brains Success Club

The Beautee & Brains Success Club

Includes a weekly infusion of inspired, proven, successful Beautee Business Builders delivered right you.

Learn from the Icons & Experts in the beautee industry what it takes to be a success and stay at the top of your game. You will receive exclusive access to weekly beautee business videos and “how you can do it too” lessons from the industry’s leading icons and experts. 

  • You’ll hear their trials and triumphs on how they got started and ultimately made it 
  • You’ll learn what it takes to build a super successful beautee business 
  • They’ll share what their “what I wish I would have known” light bulb moments
  • Find out what “clicked” that turbo-charged their sales
  • Real-life lessons from the school of hard knock that helped them grow and survive.
  • At least 3 tips you can put to work for your beautee business in each lesson 
  • And sooooo much more. 

Icons Featured 

  • Beautee Brands Builders
  • Spa, Salon, MedSpa Owners
  • Resort GM’s & Spa Directors
  • Business Consultants
  • Service Providers  

Business Experts 

  • Marketing, Branding, PR
  • HR, Accounting, Legal
  • Technology
  • & More 

Sneak Peak At A Few Of The Icons & Experts In Beautee & Brains Success Club

Lydia Sarfati CEO, Founder at Repechage, Industry Icon for 39 years and still going strong, esthetician, spa owner, manufacturer, and consultant, author, and Chairman of CIDESCO USA

Ella Kent, Sea Island Company Director of Rooms. Spa Director Extraordinaire, Forner Chairman of the Board ISPA

Mark Lees, BA, MS, Ph.D. President of Mark Lees Skin Care Inc.

Rob Trow, Owner/CEO -DermaConcepts – ENVIRON Skin Care, skin business, medspa, distribution expert

Hannah Murray Duncan, Owner and Creator Well Products, Beautee Brand Rep and Distributor, Entrepreneurial Expert

Michael Q. Pugliese, LE third-generation CEO of Circadia by Dr. Pugliese

Danny Silva Principal @ Silva-Collective Spa, Former Spa Director at Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, Glen Ivy, Equinox. Danny’s superpower is spa operations!

Jessica Wadley, Currently Vice President of Business Development US Spa/Massage at Oakworks, Inc, Offers expertise in skin brands, beauty schools, and medspas

Rebecca Gadberry, Ingredient Guru, and Mindfulness Expert

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