The Lives We Touch

This was a LinkedIn message I received from a former team member.


I thought this story might put a smile on your face. I was meeting with a client last week. After our meeting was over, we were reminiscing about Wichita in the 80’s. I mentioned I worked at CPDS (Carol Phillips DermaSystems) & my client shared this story with me… This woman’s aunt paid for her to get makeup lessons at CPDS. The aunt insisted her niece learn how to apply her make up correctly. She was preteen at the time. I laughed and told her I was most likely down the hall at the time doing a mani/pedi. To think we were that close & connected 20+ years later! She remembers it fondly as one of the happiest times in her life while her aunt was still living. She still has a small eyeshadow pot with your logo on it she refuses to throw out. She also still has some of the makeup brushes her aunt purchased for her; a testimony to the quality of your brushes.

I also was talking with our accountant who is a dear friend and now fellow church member. I told her this story & she laughed. Lynda & her friend Shiela had a bookkeeping biz and she would stop by the salon to drop off documents on occasion or send her mother by. Lynda’s mom has since passed away but was a dear friend too. Again, I told her I was probably down the hall working on a client or even took the docs from her. Until last week, we had never put the story together. Small world!

Have a fantastic day!
Michelle Vogt


Michelle, THANK YOU so much for sharing that story with me. I am crying and it’s making it really hard to type. I am humbled that we could touch her life like that and that she remembers all those years ago. It just goes to show you the power of our industry and the long-lasting effect we have.

I have just launched a beauty school training program that teaches esti ( and now cosmo) sales and marketing. They have no idea sitting in school the effect they will have on their client’s life.

I think I still have a book Lynda gave me on how to read financial statements. think we were both NAWBO members in Wichita.

Thank for taking the time to share.