Is Sales the Final Frontier? Carol Phillips BeauteeSmarts Podcast video with Tony Gordon

Original post and podcast by Tony Gordon

Are sales techniques the final frontier of service businesses? If you have tried almost everything else to enhance your beautee business, maybe it is time to dive into good old sales efforts.

I have often thought about the idea of making sales training a bigger part of my company training, but I have relented. Not that we don’t do some sales training, we do. Sales are often soundly rejected by so many stylists. Most stylists want to focus on artistic, design skills and definitely not sales. Even if the logic of sales techniques bringing more people to work on and more ways to make clients look and feel great. Why not then? Sales are simply uncomfortable for so many people. I asked one stylist on staff, she said: “you risk rejection and worse it might make you unlikeable.” God forbid any of us to take the risk that we are deemed not “nice.” “Nice” is one of those universal goods, it is like a currency or an additional star are on some blanket rating system if yelp had one for individuals. She is so nice…., bless her heart. Oh, gag me!

Thank God for this latest podcast with Carol Phillips from BeauteeSmarts a sales training company for the beauty industry. She talks about the success she has found. She tells us about salons and spas with 30% increases in sales and individuals seeing massive growth. Take a listen to this 30 years veteran of beauty industry sales with clients from Canyon Ranch to 5 chair mom and pops.


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Tony Gordon is Master Stylist and Co-Owner of  with 4 locations in the Chicago area. Gordon Salon has won numerous awards, including, being placed as Salon Today Magazine’s Top 200 Salons in the United States for 13 years, and winning the Chicago Magazine Readers’ Choice Award for Best Salon in 2016 & 2017.
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